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Who We Are

Jo&Tim was born of our shared love and appreciation of all things beautiful.  When we started the project, we weren't sure about how it would actually turn out. It evolved gradually and naturally and we let it take shape, exploring all opportunities as they arose, following leads and clues as if we were on a real life treasure hunt.  Sometimes we've tripped up along the way, but more often than not, these experiences have (eventually!) felt like blessings in disguise.


So here we are, proud presenters of exceptional vintage and contemporary furniture and home accessories.  We hope that you'll enjoy our collections. We hope that you'll fall in love with a thing or two. And if you decide to take something home with you, we are certain that you will have made the right choice.  So take a look at our favorite things!


We believe that luxury lies in the use of beautiful materials borrowed from nature, in excellent craftsmanship and in attention to detail, combined with comfort and practicality.  We are fortunate to work closely with local craftsmen who are passionate about and take great pride in what they do.  Like us, they work with "meraki" and this shows in their creations.  We take such pleasure in our discussions with them and in watching them work and the fact that they appreciate and share our drive for a beautiful outcome is truly inspiring.  No compromises for our team!


We take inspiration from all sorts of things like a slab of magnificent emerald green marble, a perfectly aligned row of old cashmere fabrics, an abandoned but masterfully turned table leg... The list is never ending and if you check out our social media pages, you will see that we love to share some of these lovely images with you.

Ioanna Achilleos Zavitsanaki

Ioanna holds a BSc in Economics and an MSc in Management, both from the London School of Economics.  Since 1999, she has enjoyed a fruitful banking career in Cyprus and the UK, working in various departments including Corporate Finance, Credit Risk and Corporate Governance.

She has travelled widely and has experienced various cultures, having lived in Dubai, London and Chicago.  This, along with having been exposed from a young age to her mother's constant collecting and salvaging of every conceivable item, has inevitably led to a deep interest in cultural heritage.


​In 2016 Ioanna took the decision to leave the banking sector in an endeavor to transform her passion for vintage style from part time hobby to full time venture.  Jo&Tim was conceived together with her good friend and ultimate business partner, Thea, as a concept that hopes to bring to you many of its creators' favorite things.

Thea Angeli Anayiotos

Thea holds a BSc in Business Administration from The Cyprus Institute of Marketing, a Diploma in Marketing from The Chartered Institute of Marketing and an MBA from Middlesex University.


Over the past 21 years she has been professionally involved in various fields, beginning her career in media and retail and eventually moving to the banking sector. She has amassed significant experience in the areas of strategic marketing, business and product development and CSR strategies.


Thea loves collecting treasures and recipes from around the world and has a vivid interest in culture.  Being a highly self-motivated individual, she took the decision in 2016 to leave the banking sector in order to explore other opportunities.  So, alongside her current freelance Business Introducer role, she finds herself co-creator of Jo&Tim, a venture specializing in bringing to the public all sorts of beautiful things, something that could not have become a reality without her soul mate and business partner, Ioanna.

Items with a story to tell

Contact Us

Showroom: 26 Sofouli Street

Chanteclair Court, Nicosia, Cyprus

Tel: +357 99699740 or +357 99359900


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